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What is the maximum DHCP lease supported on different controller platforms for IPv6?

by on ‎07-10-2014 02:07 PM

Environment : This article applies to all the controller models and OS version 6.0 and above.


Following table provides the maximum number of IPv6 DHCP leases supported per controller platform .



Platform Max DHCP lease
620 256
650/651 512
3200XM 512
3400 512
3600 512
M3 512
7210 5000
7220 10000
7240 15000



The same numbers apply to IPv4 DHCP leases as well.

show ip dhcp statistics” command can be used to check the total lease available on the controller.
The below command output was executed on 7210 controller running AOS version It shows the total lease to be 5120.

(Aruba) #show ip dhcp statistics
DHCPv4 enabled; DHCPv6 enabled
DHCP Pools
Network Name  Type  Active  Configured leases  Active leases  Free leases  Expired leases  Abandoned leases
------------  ----  ------  -----------------  -------------  -----------  --------------  ----------------
vlan33        v4    Yes     3                  0              3            0               0
test          v4    Yes     0                  -              -            -               -
DHCPv6        v6    No      254                -              -            -               -
Current leases          257
Total leases            5120

 NOTE: To make a DHCPv6 pool active, ensure that the pool name is added in vlan interface



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Any chance of getting this updated to include the 70xx controllers?

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