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What is the need for Remote AP Provisioning profile?

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What is the need for Remote AP Provisioning profile?

We can define a set of additional provisioning information for an AP, such as USB modem settings, PPPoE values, or configuration settings to provision an AP as a remote AP using AP provisioning profile. By default the AP group will not be configured with the provisioning profile so that the AP's can come up with default settings.
We can create a provisioning profile and then apply that profile to an AP group to provision the entire group of campus or remote APs with the settings in that profile.
We may need to make sure that any provisioning profiles we create are complete and accurate before assigning that profile to an AP group. If a misconfigured provisioning profile is assigned to a group of APs, the APs in that group may be automatically provisioned with erroneous parameters and become lost.
Below is the default AP provisioning profile for reference:
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(Aruba) #show ap provisioning-profile default

Provisioning profile "default"
Parameter                                                        Value
---------                                                        -----
Remote-AP                                                        No
Master IP/FQDN                                                   N/A
PPPOE User Name                                                  N/A
PPPOE Password                                                   N/A
PPPOE Service Name                                               N/A
USB User Name                                                    N/A
USB Password                                                     N/A
USB Device Type                                                  none
USB CSR-Key Storage                                              No
USB Device Identifier                                            N/A
USB Dial String                                                  N/A
USB Initialization String                                        N/A
USB TTY device data path                                         N/A
USB TTY device control path                                      N/A
USB modeswitch parameters                                        N/A
Link Priority Ethernet                                           0
Link Priority Cellular                                           0
Cellular modem network preference                                auto
Username of AP so that AP can authenticate to 802.1x using PEAP  N/A
Password of AP so that AP can authenticate to 802.1x using PEAP  N/A
Uplink VLAN                                                      0
USB power mode                                                   auto
AP POE Power optimization                                        disabled

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