Controller Based WLANs

What show commands are enhanced to support IPv6 L3 Mobility ?

This article applies to Aruba Mobility Controllers running ArubaOS version


The outputs of the following show commands are enhanced to support IPv6 L3 mobility:


  • show ip mobile host
  • show ip mobile trace
  • show ip mobile remote
  • show ip mobile binding
  • show ip mobile visitor
  • show ip mobile trail
  • show ip mobile packet-trace
  • show ip mobile traffic
  • show ip mobile global
  • show ip mobile hat
  • show ip mobile domain






Display a list of Mobile IP hosts


Show if the Mobile IP feature will poll remote controllers for mobility

status of station


This is a debug command which can be used to identify the controller

associated with the specified client IP address or MAC address. The output

of this command shows the home agent (HA) and foreign agent (FA)

for a mobile client, as well as the client's roaming statu


Display a list of Home Agent Bindings


Display a list of mobile nodes visiting a foreign agent


Show the mobile IP roaming trail by entering a host’s IP(IPv4 or IPv6)or

MAC address


The output of this command shows when packets of different types were

sent between a source IP or MAC address and a destination IP or MAC



Display mobile IP protocol statistics for:

- Proxy DHCP

- Proxy Mobile IP

- Home Agent Registrations

- Foreign Agent Registrations

- Registration Revocations


View the current Mobility Agents global configuration


Display the Active Home Agent Table


Display subnet, VLAN and home agent information for all mobility

domains, or specify a mobility domain name to view data for that

domain only

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