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Which script will create a MAC username and password in the local userdb?

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Product and Software: This script will work for any code later than ArubaOS 3.2.


#!/bin/sh  # ADD_MAC_ADDR  # Giles Scott  # gscott AT arubanetworks dot com  # Quick utility to add a MAC to the switch localdb  # December 2007 Not Supported by Aruba Networks  # Switch API can change between releases  # This script was tested against AOS  # Tested on RH Linux and Cygwin (for windows) requires wget and awk  # file format mac addr as xxxxxxxxxxxx  # add_mac_addr <controllerip> <user> <passwd> <file> <role>

# Check command line  if [ $# -lt 5 ]  then  echo "add_mac_addr"  echo "example"  echo "add_mac_addr <controllerip> <user> <passwd> <file> <role>"  echo "mac format should be 000102030405"  echo "  exit -1  fi

if [ ! -e $4 ]  then  echo "Unable to open file $4"  exit -1  fi

# Read the command line  LOCALDBADD="/screens/cmnutil/execCommandReturnResult.xml?%20exit%20$%20local-userdb%20add"  SWITCH_IP=$1  SWITCH_USER=$2  SWITCH_PASSWD=$3  CSV=$4  ROLE=$5  AWK=" awk -F '>' ' /<ERROR>/,/<\/ERROR/ {$1=\"\";$2=\"\"; print}'"

# Login to the controller and store the SESSION cookie  wget --quiet --no-check-certificate --save-cookies aruba-cookie --keep-session-cookies -O aruba-login \  --post-data="opcode=login&url=%2Fscreens%2Fwms%2Fwms.login%3Furl%3D%2F&needxml=0&uid=$SWITCH_USER&passwd=$SWITCH_PASSWD&login=Login" \  https://$SWITCH_IP:4343/screens/wms/wms.login

# Now add lots of MAC address's

cat $CSV | awk -F ',' ' \  {printf "\r\nadding mac %s password %s role %s", $1, $1,"'$ROLE'" ;\  system( \  "wget --quiet --no-check-certificate --load-cookies aruba-cookie -O aruba-out \  https://"'$SWITCH_IP'":4343"'$LOCALDBADD'"%20username%20%22" $1 "%22"\  "%20password%20%22" $1 "%22" \  "%20role%20%22" "'$ROLE'" "%22" \  "@@1197295663469") ; \  system ( "cat aruba-out" )  } '

# Logout and clean-up temp files  wget --quiet --no-check-certificate --load-cookies aruba-cookie -O aruba-logout "https://$SWITCH_IP:4343/logout.html"  rm aruba-cookie ;rm aruba-login ;rm aruba-out ;rm aruba-logout

echo "

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