Why Lync call information are not displayed in UCC Dashboard?

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Why Lync call information are not displayed in UCC Dashboard?


Lync call information are NOT displayed in UCC CLI as shown below:

show ucc call-info cdrs detail  

CDR ID  UCC Call ID  AP Name  Re-Assoc  UCC Score  UCC-Band  WLAN Delay(ms)/Jitter(ms)/PktLoss(%)  SNR  Avg Tx Rate(Mbps)  Tx Drop(%)  Tx Retry(%)  Avg Rx Rate(Mbps)  Rx Retry(%)  MOS  MOS-Band  End-to-End Delay(ms)/Jitter(ms)/PktLoss(%)
------  -----------  -------  --------  ---------  --------  ------------------------------------  ---  -----------------  ----------  -----------  -----------------  -----------  ---  --------  ------------------------------------------

show ucc client-info  

Client Status:
Client IP     Client MAC         Client Name  ALG      Server(IP)  Registration State  Call Status  AP Name       Flags  Device Type
---------     ----------         -----------  ---      ----------  ------------------  -----------  -------       -----  -----------  30:52:cb:f6:73:58  Client       Skype4B              REGISTERED          Idle         LYNC-TEST-AP         Win 10


Once the Lync integration is done, LDL server will have all the client information which will send these details to the LSM through XML messages.

LSM will post these messages to the controller through XML messages.

So there are two config setting needs to be done in the SDN.

1.ADDING A CONTROLLER AS SUBSCRIBER IN SDN MANAGER (Below is the command for same to configure SDN Manger)


SDNManager.exe p s Datacenter-Controller1 submituri= :15790


Datacenter-Controller1 is the Alias name we configured (This is can be any Random Name). - Is the controller IP address.



LDL can be configured only with FQDN name.

SDNManager.exe p l lyncserver.lync.com submituri=



SDN Manger IP address is

"lyncserver.lync.com" is the FQDN of LDL server.


In our case, LDL configuration was missing due to which LSM unable to post the XML messages to the controller hence the client information was not displayed.

By having the LDL configuration in place, UCC client information are populated.

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