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Why is IP mobility not working after an upgrade from ArubaOS 2.5.4?

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Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers and Aruba OS 3.3.1.


IP mobility in ArubaOS 3.1 and later required the user to create the Home Agent Table (HAT). This configuration is not required in ArubaOS 2.5.


The HAT table contains the home agent subnets, VLAN ID, and the home agent switch IP address.


The HAT table and mobility domain configuration are global configuration and if you have a master local setup, configure the HAT table and mobility domain on the master controller and save the configuration.


You do not need to create any mobility domain if you plan to use the default domain. In the master and local controller setup and using the custom mobility domains, you must activate the mobility domain on each controller.



Example 1: IP mobility is disabled by default. To enable the IP mobility, use the following CLI or WebUI configurations.





(STU2) config


(STU2) (config) #router mobile
(STU2) (config) #end
(STU2) #write mem



1)  Navigate to Configuration > IP mobility.

2)  Check the Enable IP Mobility option and click Apply.

4)  Click Save Configuration.


Example 2: To add a mobility domain, use the following CLI or WebUI configurations.




(STU2) #configure t 
(STU2) (config) #ip mobile domain my33 
(STU2) (mobility-domain) #end 
(STU2) #write mem



Web UI:


1)  Navigate to Configuration > IP mobility.


2)  In Mobility Domain Name, enter the domain name.


3)  Click Add.


4)  Click Save Configuration.




Example 3: To activate the domain and create the HAT table entries, use the following CLI or WebUI configurations.






(STU2) #configure t
(STU2) (config) #ip mobile active-domain my33
(STU2) (config) #ip mobile domain my33
(STU2) (mobility-domain) #hat 451
(STU2) (mobility-domain) #end

(STU2) #write mem


Web UI:

1)  Navigate to Configuration > IP mobility.

2)  In the Domain List, click the mobility domain.

3)  Check the "active" option to activate the mobility domain.

4)  Click Add.

5)  Enter the subnet, netmask, VLAN ID, and Home Agent IP address. Switch IP is recommended.

6)  Click Add.

7)  Click Save Configuration.



To verify your configuration, issue the following commands:

show ip mobile hat

show ip mobile active-domain




(STU2) #show ip mobile hat

Active Home Agent Table (HAT)
Home Agent Table, 3 subnet(s)
subnet mask VlanId Home Agent
--------------- --------------- ------ --------------- 451 551 451

(STU2) #show ip mobile active-domains

Active Mobility Domain(s) Total: 3
Domain name Status
----------- ------

(STU2) #



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