Why is VPN service not available even after the VPN license on has been loaded on the 3000/M3?

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Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba 3000 series and M3 and ArubaOS 3.2 and later. 

For the legacy platform (200/800/2400/6000), the VPN license does not have a limit. So it is either enabled or disabled. For the newer platform, the license schema is different. A license with user limit is required. If a license is loaded based on the old schema, the service will not be available. 

For example: 

Without correct license: 


(Aruba-Local1) #show license 

x4rG6pMN-isjyhZWL-My83TQNj-B8Bu+...  2009-04-19   2009-05-19   ER    VPN Server 
                                     12:49:20[1]  12:49:20 

(Aruba-Local1) # show keys all 

VPN Server Module                     0 
VPN Server                            DISABLED 

With correct license: 
(Aruba-Local1) #show license 

LNs/gwgU-qCgBTfqe-bqq2hUWw-uxyQS...  2009-04-17   Never        E     VPN Server Module: 4096 

(Aruba-Local1) # show keys all 

VPN Server Module                     4096 
VPN Server                            ENABLED 




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