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Why is datapath utilization spiking to 100%?

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Question:  Why is datapath utilization spiking to 100%?


Product and Software: This article applies to ArubaOS 3.3 and later.

In ArubaOS 3.3 and later, IPv6 stateful inspection is supported. However, certain IPv6 traffic can trigger a loop in the datapath.

The symptoms are:

· No IP connectivity or limited connectivity to the controller.

· When using ssh session or the web user interface, managing the controller is slow or not possible.

Use the console to access the controller and collect logs:

· <show datapath utilization> reveals that the datapath utilization is spiking to 100% even without any traffic.

· <show acl hits> reveals that default policy ipv6-allow has high number of hits.

· <show datapath message-queue> multiple times will show a significant increase in the SESSION counter value for traffic that traverses from SP to FP.

It will be fixed in the future code.


#show datapath utilization

Datapath Network Processor Utilization
| Cpu utilization during past |
Cpu | 1 Sec 4 Secs 64 Secs |
0 | 100% | 100% | 100% |

#show datapath message-queue counters

Datapath Message Queue Statistics
Opcode CP->SPhi CP->SPlo SP->CPhi SP->CPlo SP->FPhi SP->FPlo FP->SPhi FP->SPlo
RAW/FREE 0019dff0 00001ace
FLOOD 002bc5ff 002bc5ff
BRIDGE 0000e843 0000ea99
ROUTE 00000106 00000d57 0000012d 00006212 00000027 00000002
SESSION 00000148 d727de93 d7277cec
FORWARD 00171b8e 00000004 00172ed9
HELLO 00011a14 00011a14 00000001 00011a14 00011a14

#show acl hits
User Role ACL Hits
Role Policy Src Dst Service Action Dest/Opcode New Hits Total Hits Index
---- ------ --- --- ------- ------ ----------- -------- ---------- -----
logon logon-control any any svc-dns permit 0 15 4218
logon logon-control any any svc-dhcp permit 0 23 4219
logon v6-logon-control any any svc-v6-icmp permit 0 1 4233
logon any any any deny 0 146 4236
authenticated allowall any any any permit 0 510 4175
authenticated v6-allowall any any any permit 18056684 154445336 4176

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