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ARM Frequent Scanning in Instant and above.

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To trigger Adaptive Radio Management(ARM) profile to perform frequent scanning of transmission signals in a short span of time.


Starting from Instant, IAPs can search for a new environment in a short span of time, so that the ARM is triggered to perform frequent scanning and selection of a valid channel for transmission. By default, the ARM is triggered to scan all the channels every 10 seconds, and select the best channel for transmission. But when the IAP is in a new environment, ARM is triggered to perform frequent scanning of the non-DFS channels every 200 milliseconds, and select the best available channel for transmission. The "ap frequent-scan <band>" command is introduced in the CLI to enable the IAPs to trigger frequent scanning of transmission signals on a radio profile.


Perform the following checks before frequent scanning:

  • The DFS channels must be skipped (this is done to avoid delays in scanning).
  • The IAP must be on stand-alone mode.
  • The client-aware parameter must be disabled in the ARM profile.


Note: Wireless connection is affected for a few seconds when the frequent scanning of non-DFS channels is ongoing. The connection is re-established after the ARM selects a valid channel. Typically, a frequent scanning session lasts for less than 10 seconds.


CLI Command: Only supported in CLI


Aruba-Instant# ap-frequent-scan  5.0
Aruba-Instant# ap-frequent-scan  2.4



Following command "show ap debug am-config" will help WLAN admin verify the status of frequent scanning.


Aruba-Instant# show ap debug am-config | in "Frequent scan action"

Frequent scan action                              0             --------------5Ghz Band
Frequent scan action                              0             --------------2.4Ghz Band




When “Frequent scan action” is 2, the frequent scanning is running;
When “Frequent scan action” is 0, normal scanning is running.

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