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How to set static parameters(per-ap-settings) in IAP via CLI.


In IAP we can set static parameters like, ip-address, netmask, name, wifi0/1 mode etc via CLI rather than logging into "apboot".


Below is a config snip on how to achieve them:


  • IAP# ap-env ipaddr myiap
    • Do you want to reset the system to take ipaddr into effect(y/n): y


IAP will reboot once "Y" is pressed. Verification can be done using:

  • apboot.- login to the apboot of the IAP and run the command "print".
    • apboot> printenv
  • CLI - run the command "show ap-env"
    • myiap# sh ap-env

      Antenna Type:Internal

We can also clear these static parameters by executing the command:

  • myiap# clear ap-env-current
  • myiap# clear ap-env-backup
  • myiap# show ap-env
    • Antenna Type:Internal

After clearing the variables, IAP needs to be rebooted. 

  • 94:b4:0f:c6:9b:1c# show ap-env
    • Antenna Type:Internal
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