Controller-less WLANs

Dynamic Radius Proxy IP feature on IAP 4.0
Typically common issue is When radius servers are reachable only on specific VLANs, IAPs uplink or native VLAN cannot be used for Radius authentication.

Dynamic Radius Proxy IP feature enhances VC VLAN feature and allows configurable VLAN and Source IP for different authentication servers.

Deployment Scenario:-


From Webui:-




Configuration from CLI:-

•       Pre-requisite Configurations :
(Instant Access Point)(config)# virtual-controller-ip <IP-address>
(Instant Access Point)(config)# dynamic-radius-proxy 

•       DRP-IP Configurations for auth-server:
(Instant Access Point)(config)# wlan auth-server <server-name>
(Instant Access Point)(Auth Server "server-name")# ip <radius-server>
(Instant Access Point)(Auth Server "server-name")# key <server-password>
(Instant Access Point)(Auth Server "server-name")# drp-ip <IP> <mask> vlan <VLAN> gateway <gateway>

•       Auth-server configuration in Wired and Wireless profiles:
(Instant Access Point)(config)# wlan ssid-profile <ssid-name>
(Instant Access Point)((SSID Profile "ssid-name")# auth-server <server-name>
(Instant Access Point)(config)# wired-port-profile <wired-profile-name>
(Instant Access Point)(wired ap profile wired-profile-name)# auth-server <server-name>




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