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How to change native vlan on IAP when connected to trunk port of the switch?

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Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba Access Points (IAP's) running on Aruba InstantOS and later.

 Inorder to broadcasts multiple SSID's with varying  vlan's, IAP's need to be connected to the trunk ports on the switch. In such instances, native vlan on the switch and the IAP needs to be matched. By default native vlan on IAP is Vlan 1.


After changing the native vlan on the switch, we can then use the below command to change native vlan on IAP in CLI mode:


IAP# Configure terminal


IAP (config)#enet-vlan <Vlan-ID>


IAP (config)#exit


IAP# write memory


Ex: If the native vlan on the switch is 30, then the command would be IAP (config)#enet-vlan 30


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