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How to configure Static MAC-IP binding on IAP 4.1

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Question: How to configure Static MAC-IP binding on IAP 4.1


Environment: In a typical environment to check the VPN tunnel is stable by just providing ping access to guest user.


MAC–IP Binding’ on Aruba Instant in 4.1 Application
•       Using this option static IP assignment for any MAC address is possible
•       This Feature applicable for Local DHCP scope only
•       Maximum entries we support is 32

Configuration is supported through CLI only.

d8:c7:c8:cb:d3:9a (config) # ip dhcp local
d8:c7:c8:cb:d3:9a (DHCP Profile "local") # host 08:ed:b9:e1:51:9b
d8:c7:c8:cb:d3:9a (DHCP Profile "local") # end
d8:c7:c8:cb:d3:9a# commit apply
committing configuration...
configuration committed.

Below command show clients  will provide the list of clients that has the mac-ip binding.
d8:c7:c8:cb:d3:9a# show clients
Client List
Name           IP Address      MAC Address        OS       Network          Access Point       Channel  Type  Role             Signal    Speed (mbps)
----           ----------      -----------        --       -------          ------------       -------  ----  ----             ------    ------------
administrator  08:ed:b9:e1:51:9b  Win 7    rapng-local-psk  d8:c7:c8:cb:d3:9a  36+      AN    rapng-local-psk  40(good)  180(good)
d8:c7:c8:cb:d3:9a# show datapath user
Datapath User Table Entries
Flags: P - Permanent, W - WEP, T- TKIP, A - AESCCM
       R - ProxyARP to User, N - VPN, L - local, I - Intercept, D - Deny local routing
FM(Forward Mode): S - Split, B - Bridge, N - N/A
       IP              MAC           ACLs    Contract   Location  Age    Sessions   Flags     Vlan  FM
---------------  -----------------  -------  ---------  --------  -----  ---------  -----     ----  --   08:ED:B9:E1:51:9B   142/0      0/0     0         0       15/65535            200   B

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