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Management frame protection support for Instant Access Points

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Management frame protection support for Instant Access Points

  • Instant 4.3 supports the IEEE 802.11w standard, also known as Management Frame Protection (MFP).
  • MFP makes it difficult for an attacker to deny service by spoofing Deauth and Disassoc management frames.
  • MFP uses 802.11i (Robust Security Network) framework that establishes encryption keys between the client and AP.


Note: It's a per-SSID based configuration and can be enabled only through CLI: 


(config) # wlan ssid-profile Test
(SSID Profile "Test") # mfp-capable 
(SSID Profile "Test") # mfp-required


  • If the mfp-required parameter is enabled, the SSID supports only the clients that exhibt the MFP functionality.
  • If the mfp-capable parameter enabled, the SSID supports management frame protection (MFP) capable clients and non-MFP clients.


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