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Max number of internal captive portal SSID's on IAP

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What is the maximum number of internal captive portal based SSID's that can be configured  on an IAP ?


The maximum number of internal captive portal based SSID's that can be configured on IAP is 1.

IAP uses one global ICP (internal captive portal) profile.


Eg: CP based SSID is referred to as Guest SSID.

We can configure captive portal in internal-acknowledged or Internal-authenticated format. Lets assume we create the following two SSID's:

SSID 1: Internal-Acknowledged

SSID 2: Internal -Authenticated

In the above case SSID 1 was created before SSID 2. As soon as SSID 2 will get created, it will trigger SSID 1 to change to Internal-Authenticated as well.

Basically we can not have 2 SSID's using different Internal CP methods.


Note: This applies to all versions.

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