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Types of BLE operational mode on Instant

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What are they types of BLE operational mode on an Instant?


Instant supports BLE starting and can be configured in 3 different operational modes as follows.


  • Beaconing
  • Dynamic-Console
  • Persistent-Console


Disabled: The built-in BLE chip of the IAP is turned off. BLE operation mode is set the Disabled by default.

Beaconing: The built-in BLE chip of the IAP functions as an iBeacon combined with the beacon management functionality.

Dynamic-Console: The built-in BLE chip of the IAP functions in the beaconing mode and dynamically enables access to IAP console over BLE when the link to the Local Management Switch (LMS) is lost.

Persistent-Console: The built-in BLE chip of the IAP provides access to the IAP console over BLE and also operates in the Beaconing mode.


Below command can be used to verify BLE operational mode on IAP.


IAP-01# show ble-config

BLE Configuration
Item                   Value
----                   -----
Authorization Token    Not Configured
Endpoint URL           Not Configured
Update Intvl (in sec)  300
Operational Mode       disabled                       --> Check for operation mode here.

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