What traffic does the IAP send to IP on udp port 53535?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

What traffic does the IAP send to IP on udp port 53535? 


The multicast traffic to IP address on udp port 5353 is generally used for MDNS. If we analyze the uplink packet capture of an instant cluster, we may notice the IAP sending traffic to multicast IP on udp port 53535. 


When Airgroup is enabled and when there are airgroup-servers present in the "airgroup server table", IAP may send traffic to on udp port 53535 for swarm sync. These are not mDNS traffic packets. 

However, when IAP sends MDNS queries and responses to the Airgroup servers and users, it would be sent on udp port 5353 and IP on udp port 5353 = MDNS on udp port 53535 = IAP Swarm Sync 


MDNS packets: 


IAP Swarm Sync: 





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