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Why does Aruba Instant not support configuration via CLI?

Environment  :  This article applies to all Aruba Instant platforms and versions prior to



Configuration via CLI is not supported on Aruba Instant APs (versions prior to and the following error message is given:

iAP_Portal# configure terminal
Warning: configuration via CLI is not supported!

By design, a configuration change made via WebUI is synced instantaneously. However, when a configuration change is made via CLI, the following happens:

  • The configuration in all APs is checked periodically by checking the checksum value of configuration against the master.
  • If the checksum value is different and the mismatch persists even after a minute, the master pushes the complete configuration to the APs.

To reduce network overhead and avoid losing configuration changes made after the last configuration sync, configuration via CLI is not supported with Instant APs.




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