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Occasional Contributor II URL redirect does not work with android phones



before i make a TAC case, maybe i do something wrong or maybe there's some known issue involved.


wewe have few installations with newest official (DL-d from repo and managed by airwave) software and one of our customers (IAP-205) told that URL redirect (after internal CP with acknowledged mode) does not work for android phones.


retested this on my desk (IAP-325) and sure, no URL redirect, just successful connection after captive portal accept and opened directly my front page. no error or anything.


tried with 3 different phones (samsung s7 with 7.0, s6 and j5 with android 6.0.1) / software and same thing. Internal CP opens up all fine, end user gets connected and internet access, but no complusory URL redirect (for first page) is shown. Everything works with IOS and windows devices.


EDIT: I could reproduce the same issue with duplication another working airwave group that was using firmware With this firmware URL redirection for android phones worked, and after i upgraded this VC to, then url redirection for android phones stopped working. After downgrade'ing again, URL redirection for android came back to life


Re: URL redirect does not work with android phones

probably best to open a tac case to see what exactly is going on
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Re: URL redirect does not work with android phones

Were you able to open a TAC and get this resolved? I have noticed the same issue. Windows and Apple devices redirect to the URL we have in place only Android devices dont go there. they just connect after accepting the terms and conditions. we are running currently.


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Re: URL redirect does not work with android phones

I also have this issue on and all versions of Android I have tested in the past year.

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