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802.1x and request to external Radius

I only see one attempt (if for example the certificate is expired) to auth to the Radius server ... does Aruba cache the failed attempt?

Even if I restart the computer ... I don't see a new Radius request.

Is it by design?
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Re: 802.1x and request to external Radius

The controller has a caches the session for 5 minutes so if you want to see the radius request you may need to run the following command : aaa user delete mac "device mac address"
Thank you

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Re: 802.1x and request to external Radius

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Hi Michael,


If the cert is expired on the client side, it will not respond with its identity itself.


Please check the following output on controller for more information on radius authenticaiton:


config# logging level debugging user-debug <mac-address of user>

   # show auth-tracebuf mac <mac-address of client >


in case you are using IAP:


#show ap debug auth-tracebuf <mac-address of client>

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