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Airwave and Latest Instant Firmware

Did Aruba drop the ability to use instant config with the latest 4.1.x.x firmware for instant?


This is the error I get.


Error--- config version[] not found in command model list



It does the same thing with Airwave 7.7.12  AND Airwave 8.0.1


The firmware I have on the IAPs is the very latest. -  I even tried to factory reset my IAPS and add it to Airwave.  Same thing.


I have right at 255 IAPs accross 10 locations and they all do it.


Re: Airwave and Latest Instant Firmware

IAP 4.1 is currently not supported in the Instant GUI Config (IGC).  You should be able to use templates.    IGC will support 4.1 in the next release which should be out very soon in either AW 8.0.2 or 8.1.

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Re: Airwave and Latest Instant Firmware

Ok.  I thought I was going crazy or something.


Thanks for the quick response!

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Re: Airwave and Latest Instant Firmware



I have the same problem, just upgraded to 8.0.1 and i was jebus, why did they remove the instant configuration...


... I really hope for an quick rls to 8.0.2 or 8.1.0



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Re: Airwave and Latest Instant Firmware

On a whim, I tried updating Airwave to 8.0.2 this afternoon and it downloaded.  Its not released yet on the support site, but I have read in the past that sometimes they release, without posting.


Anyways.  Airwave 8.0.2 did not solve the problem.  I still get the same error.


Also, I went back through all the recent release notes for Airwave and Instant and I found no mention of unsupported firmware versions.  I suggest that needs to be added to notes so that this type of thing can be avoided in the future.  Needs to be in the Instant and Airwave notes.


Re: Airwave and Latest Instant Firmware

I just found out that IGC for IAP 4.1 did not make it into AW 8.0.2 which was the target.  It is now slated for AW 8.0.3 which should be out in 2 - 3 weeks.   Sorry for the confusion and delay.


** UPDATE **


The version for IGC has changed, however, the ETA of IGC for 4.1 stays the same.  Engineering needed to fix a critical issue in and that fix is coming in 8.0.3.  8.0.4 will now be the version for IGC of IAP v.4.1 and is still targeted for end of the month.

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