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Aruba Central mac caching


Hello i would like if someone coud explain me how does this work on aruba central

I got an option on aruba central

The manual says that but i dont understand completely and i would like if someone can enlight me a bit on this


Enter the maximum time in Day(s): Hour(s): Minute(s) format for which a client session remains active. The default value is 0:8:00. When the session expires, the users must re-authenticate. 
If MAC caching is enabled, the users are allowed or denied access based on the MAC address of the connective device.

Let say i got user visitor 1


I would like to know what would be the difference between using mac caching or not using it

Because as i look in the manual it says that if i configure the session time out for 8 hours, the user wont need to reauthenticate until the 8 hours.   So now if the session time out is working like this why do i need mac caching?


SEcond question

if the visitor 1, his ticket is for 4 days and i active the mac caching he will not need to authenticate at all in those 4 days? 

How long does this mac caching work? i can control that time in clearpass but i dont know how does this work here






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Re: Aruba Central mac caching



Anyone able to answer these questions? I am also curious about how this works, especially scenario 1. 

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