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Cannot ping to VC after failover (IAP-305)

Hi, I’m facing the issue as the title. I’d appreciate if anyone can help.

I have an AP cluster which has 4 IAP-305s. I’ve configured ip addresses of the VC and each AP. One AP is set as a preferred master.

In this situation, if I ping to VC’s ip address, I receive replies without any problem.
And next, if I cut the power of the AP which is master, I receive errors, since the master is down.
After few seconds, the master will be changed to another AP (I confirm this from a Web browser).
However, I still receive ping errors and it lasts forever (at lease over 10 minutes).

I can access to the AP’s ip addresses directly via a Web browser, so this is not a critical issue. But I’d like to know if this is normal behavior, and what would be the cause of this.
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Re: Cannot ping to VC after failover (IAP-305)

Hi, endorphin003

Your word "VC" means "Virtual Controller of IAPs", doesn't it? If so, I have the same issue.

artemis cindy / fs
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Re: Cannot ping to VC after failover (IAP-305)

Thank you for the reply.

Yes, you're right. VC is Virtual Controller.

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