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Change SSID Password



When I change the password of one SSID via GUI, all the clients that where asociated with the old password stills appers like conected (Most of them with ip even if we restart de pc's clients it reconects to the SSID with the bad Password (Does not ask for the new password). The only solution I have found is deleting the SSID and create a New one, with a diferent name. Any idea why is this Happening?


Not even one of the 16 clients that are connected have the New password of the ssid


Thank you for your Help!!!

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Re: Change SSID Password

can those devices pass traffic?If they have a ip address, they should not be able to.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: Change SSID Password

Thank you for your help. Nop they can not pass traffic but they still looks like conected and the only way to solve this is deleting the SSID in the client PC, if we do not do this it does not ask for the new passwords and it always looks like conected.


Have a nice day

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