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Client Disconnect

We have deployed a Aruba network and am having issues with clients disconnecting randomly durring the day.   I don't always hear about them, but users are upset at the deployment.  I currently have 7 IAP-225 units in a warehouse and have purchased and installed Aruba airwave software.   They stream video's to their Apple TV's all the time and seem to get disconnected several times durring a presentation.   One of the Apple TV's is also on the wireless network and I have monitor's on it that seem to go off 4 to 5 times a day saying it was disconnected and shortly after it reconnects.  This happens even on the weekend when nobody is on the network.  I really would like this to get resolved if someone could please point me in the right direction.




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Re: Client Disconnect

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How is your RF environment?

When reading your post, my eye when right to the AP model. Usually in a warehouse environment, external antennas are used to focus signal, otherwise you can run into RF issues.

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Re: Client Disconnect

I ran a report and attached the Heatmap.  Thanks so much for the help

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Re: Client Disconnect

Any updates to this?  We're seeing a lot of disconnects with Apple TVs, don't exactly have the same environment as you, but wanted to know if you found a solution.

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Re: Client Disconnect

Would like to know the outcome on this situation too.

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Re: Client Disconnect

sorry but it doesn't work like that. for issues like this isn't a magic button or option. if you have an issue and don't have a support contract then you can try to get support here. but in that case you will have to provide some more information on your environment, think: # APs, type of APs, config, # devices, ..., ...

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