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Client VLANs in AP Zones

Is there a way to use the same SSID across multiple AP Zones but change static VLAN per Zone in Instant


I have a client whose network is segmented by VLAN per floor in their building. They want to use a single SSID to cover their building, but they want to keep their network as is, so if a client connects to an AP on floor 2 they get put in VLAN 2, connect on floor 3 they get put in VLAN 3.


With other vendors, I've been able to set up AP-Groups and add the same SSID into each AP-Group and then change the client VLAN to be different depending on the AP-Group, then assign APs to their appropriate Group.


Just curious if there is the same capability in Instant, or should I be taking a different approach?

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Re: Client VLANs in AP Zones

You can create more than one SSID profile, but I don't think they can have the same ESSID (broadcast name), so that is probably a "no".  If each floor has a different management VLAN, you could have a different cluster for each floor, and that might solve your issue.


The immediate issue with putting clients on a different VLAN on each floor is that not all clients do a DHCP renew when roaming from AP to AP, so if a client roams from one floor to another, they will be on a different VLAN, but have no connectivity, because they will think they are on the same subnet.  It is also possible that a client can see an AP on the floor above and roam to it, but not request a different ip address and connectivity will be broken, as well.  The best thing to do is probably find a way that you can extend the same VLAN to all floors that you need users to roam to.....

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