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Deploy ACME certificates to HP Aruba IAP


I recently purchased a pair of IAP-215's and wanted to automatically deploy ACME (Let's Encrypt) certificates for the user-interface and captive-portal.

Below, I'm sharing my solution, hopefully it may help others.
I quickly learned that Aruba CLI commands can't be issued over a SSH session via stdin remotely, so some interactive scripting tool like 'expect' or 'empty' is needed, I used 'empty'.

I use the shell based ACME client


- Linux system with 'empty' command and SSH client access to Aruba IAP

- TFTP server on same system, reachable by Aruba IAP

- client and openssl

Tested with Aruba Instant Version

The core of the solution is this script I created:

The passed arguments are the same as uses for deploy scripts:
Arguments: acme-deploy-custom.script domain key_file cert_file ca_file fullchain_file

BTW, In our open source project, we include a "custom" deploy script for

Or you could include the acme-deploy-custom.script in as deploy/ or such.

Hope this helps someone.


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