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Guest access issue with Clearpass

All was working with Amigopod.. we exported/imported config into Clearpass..  guest access is working with controller based sites however, not working with the Aruba IAP105 environments.. the users can connect to the Guest SSID, they get redirected to the captive portal, they successful sign-in but then it never redirects to our defined start page (  receive this error: error in invocation.  error string - bad ret code (pic attached)

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Re: Guest access issue with Clearpass

You need to probably show us what URL it is looking for when you get that message.  You will probably also need to show us how the page is configured....which means you probably want to ping support...

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: Guest access issue with Clearpass is the URL.  I will open a ticket with TAC

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