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IAP-155 no DHCP for Vonage device

I'm trying to use an RAP-155 in instant mode.   I have it working for wired and wireless clients.  Everyone gets an IP address great.   I have one challenge and that's a Vonage device that just won't take the IP address I offer to him.   I'm sure if I call Vonage, they'll be dumb.

I see the request and I offer. He just keeps requesting.   

If I take the same Vonage adapter and plug it into a normal works like a champ.

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Re: IAP-155 no DHCP for Vonage device

How you have the device configured that the Vonage device is plugging into plays an important role.  How do you have the device configured?

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: IAP-155 no DHCP for Vonage device

I worked around the problem by putting the vonage device upstream of the IAP (the vonage device can pass thru the IAP's uplink).   

No more need to work on this.

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