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IAP 205 - Out of Memory Crash



I think there's a bug/Memory leak problem in the current IAP Operating system as I'm experiencing frequent crashes/reboots of my 205 IAP. I have a single IAP 205 operating as VC in my house, and I have about 10 - 12 Wireless Clients connected at peak periods. The IAP crashes/reboots every once in a while. Sometimes it's maybe once every couple of days, others it takes a week or even more.

I'm running the current stabel release:


I know it's an out of memory crash since that's the reason given in AP System Status command:

Reboot Information
Reboot caused by out of memory


Attached is the output of the AP Crash Info command.  I have been monitoring free memory in the GUI and that seems to hover around 30Mb at all times, so it probably happens quickly when it does happen.


I have now tried to disable APPRF Visibility to see if that is the culprit, but it'll be at least a week before I can say something fairly difinitive. 


Is there any known bugs I might be experiencing?


I'll report back within a week or two when I know if the APPRF is to blame.

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Re: IAP 205 - Out of Memory Crash

Please open a tax case. You shouldn't have to "troubleshoot" a big. Send an email to or PM me an I will put you in touch with them.
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Re: IAP 205 - Out of Memory Crash



I do not have a support contract on this homedevice, so I don't think I can open a supportcase.

It's a fairly new AP so maybe there's another way I can get support for this issue? I don't know how your product support works. 

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Re: IAP 205 - Out of Memory Crash

It is known bug of memory leak by APPRF. I got another sutuation when used it. After less than week free memory on AP get less than 7mb, clients cant send/receive traffic. If memory somehow free > 7mb - everything working fine. 

After I discover this, I turn off APPRF and problem gone away.

You can check memory allocation to process by command:

# show process

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