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IAP-225 and cisco 3560G port-channel issues

I just got an Aruba IAP-225 (powered via an adapter) connected it to a Cisco 3560G switch via a 2 x 1Gb Port-channel configuration. On the Cisco side the LACP is set to active. On the AP side I see int Bond0 that is up/up and I'm able to connect via the wireless. 


Cisco Core Switch (IOS 15.02): 



Vlan10 - WLAN_MGNT


Vlan20 - WLAN_MGNT


Vlan25 - WLAN_MGNT



Interface Po1

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

switchport mode trunk

switchport trunk native vlan 2




IAP225 (Aruba 6.3)

native vlan 2 (changed int he configs)





Data - Vlan 10

Voice - Vlan 20

Guest - Vlan 25


1. I started testing the failover feature and what I noticed is that when I disconnect eth0 port then the uplink to the switch goes down. If I unplug eth1 then the connection remains.

(Is this a known behavior?)


2. When the port-channel is up I see Mac address flaps on the switch.

(What is the recommended load-balancing algorithm to use?)


3. I'm able to ping the Virtual ip ( address from the switch ( but I cannot ping the physical ip ( address of the AP. Is there something on the AP that I might have missed?


I appreciate any input regarding this setup



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Re: IAP-225 and cisco 3560G port-channel issues

Which link is providing power?


Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security TME
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Re: IAP-225 and cisco 3560G port-channel issues

I'm using the power supply (AC Adapter), no POE and no POE Injector.



Andrei Patergin (CCNP)

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