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IAP 277 adding a mesh (point to point) to existing config

Good morning,

   I am working on configuring two IAP-277s to bring our network to an isolated trailer. We currently have an IAP cluster up on VLAN 10 ( that is broadcasting 2 SSIDs and operating the Bridge off of a hidden SSID. I am having some trouble with getting this all to work.

Here is what the setup looks like:


I followed a guide and have done the following:

-Add the mesh Access Point to the cluster. 

-Turn off Extended SSID

-Select the IAP in the cluster and change the Uplink to Ethernet Bridging Enabled.

-Reboot the IAP cluster.

-Move the Mesh Point IAP to the remote location and power it up.

Unfortunately, my cluster loses the IAP after moving it. (It's not a distance issue as I have this setup in a lab)


I have a few questions:

1)Can I connect the IAP to a POE switch? Some articles that I read are stating that the Eth0/Uplink port cannot be active in order for the bridge to work.

2)Can I use my existing cluster and add a mesh portal/point to it? Or do I need to add a whole new VLAN to my network?


Any input would be appreciated. Thank you

Re: IAP 277 adding a mesh (point to point) to existing config

Yes you can connect the IAP mesh point to a POE switch, the main thing to watch out for is that there is nothing on the remote/bidge side that is handing out IP addresses.

You shouldn't have an issue with adding a mesh point to an existing cluster, so long as the mesh point, mesh portal, and VC are all on the same Layer 2 network.

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Re: IAP 277 adding a mesh (point to point) to existing config

Thank you for the reply. I was able to make some headway on it as the Portal and Point are now communicating. 

Now I cannot get traffic to pass through the remote switch over to the datacenter. 1/2 way there :-P


I have the IAP plugged into a Trunked (native vlan 10, access to all others) but I cannot ping to or from the remote switch. I am, however, able to ping back to the datacenter from the Mesh Point IAP, but cannot ping from the remote Point IAP to the remote switch that it is directly connected to. Would this be something I need to change on the IAPs Ethernet 0 or would my switch be the suspect?

Re: IAP 277 adding a mesh (point to point) to existing config

Not sure, can you email me the config of your portal and point to and I will try to look at it tomorrow. 

Jerrod Howard
Sr. Techical Marketing Engineer
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