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IAP-325 vs Ruckus R600/R700 - Overall Performance Differences?



Thought I'd post the question here (I personally prefer the Aruba IAP line but thought I'd see if there was any overwhelming opinion from others one way or another...but yes I'm aware of the board it's being posted on lol.


All the marketing speak aside (Aruba = primarily security, Ruckus = primarily performance) it would appear to me that with Wave 2 of the AC line (beam forming and such) that some of the touted benefits of the Ruckus line would diminish since Wave 2 brings at least that feature to essentially all platforms (likely in different ways of course)


In general, I am curious which of the two devices out perform in terms of general speed and range - the IAP325 or the R600/R700?  To me, it seems a bit of an apples to oranges comparison - one supports wave 2, the other does not...but yet i keep hearing the R600/R700 performs better.





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Re: IAP-325 vs Ruckus R600/R700 - Overall Performance Differences?

I do not know anything about the Ruckus product, and the AP 325 is new, so it is unlikely that you would speak to someone who has compared them both.

With that being said, why are you in the market for a mobility platform?
What matters to you?

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Re: IAP-325 vs Ruckus R600/R700 - Overall Performance Differences?

FWIW, here are some results from performance testing when we pit the Aruba AP-225 against Ruckus R700/R600, and so far our 325 is faster. Not sure where you are hearing that Ruckus is higher performing, in our tests they are not, by a long margin. The first is a total throughput test with 60 associated clients, the second is the single client max throughput with a 2x2 (macbook air).


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