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IAP Multicast Issue

I have devices wire into the same POE switch that my IAP's are connected to, and there is only 1 (the default) VLAN. I can't discover wired devices through multicast using wireless clients. Wired devices can discover just fine, but the IAP isn't passing the multicast.


Network Info:

DHCP is network assigned.

Default VLAN, I also tried static 1

Under the services tab, all services are selected to be enabled (bonjour, dlna, etc)


If there's any more relevant info that I'm missing please let me know. Maybe it's just a side note, but I know that when I manage IAP's from Aruba central there's an option for multicast optimization, but I'm using the Instant UI not central.


Thank you.


Re: IAP Multicast Issue

What multicast method are you using to discover devices? You may have to mess with some of the AppRF/AirPlay stuff for i-device discovery.


Under each SSID there are fields to fiddle with broadcast and multicast operation - I'd start there:


Try turning off filtering and optimization - then tuning for performace without breaking any needed 'casting.


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Re: IAP Multicast Issue

I don't know how I missed this. I think I was over complicating it.


Disabling broadcast filtering solved my problem.

Thank you for your quick response.

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