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IAP Site to Site VPN to VPN Server

Hey everyone, pretty basic question, but I sadly didn't yet have Aruba Course and research about this specific topic is pretty hard.

I have mutltiple branch offices with each around 7 IAPs.

My question is: is there a possibility to manage them all with one VC by making them "break out" at a VPN Concentrator other than a controller? (like openswan or strongswan?)

The thing is: We have a hard time selling controllers  to small and medium sized companies because Cisco is currently the best priced solution for >100 APs and a centralized management (never thought I'd ever say this.).

Thanks in advance!

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Re: IAP Site to Site VPN to VPN Server

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In this case, you would use Airwave to Manage all of those IAPs (push configuration to them). Please see the instant VRD here for more details:

Or you would have those access points cloud managed

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