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IAP277 connecting two buildings - questions

Hi everybody,


I'm trying to connect two buildings via Aruba 277 Ap's, simplified topology in this image:



- Aruba Instant configuration

- 10 IAP 205's, one of this acting as the master AP (

- Two buildings, 200m apart with clear LOS, connected via IAP 277's

- DHCP server in HQ


Issues and questions:

1. I was able to add all devices to the instant cluster. When I disconnect AP277-02 and connect it via Eth0 and PoE to the 2530-24G-PoE in the hangar, it detects Ethernet on the Eth0 port and won't bring up a wireless mesh connection. Note: at this moment, there is nothing else connected to that switch. The other 205's in the hangar are not yet connected and are offline. Is it not possible to use Eth0 as downlink and PoE?


2. When I power the AP277-02 via PoE adapter in Eth0, but the PoE adapter is not connected to the switch (so only PoE), it connects via mesh to HQ. I then have to configure the Eth1 as an uplink, only then will the wireless mesh stay up and the Eth1 acts as a "downlink" to connect the switch with HQ. Settings of this Eth1 is as follows,



After this, I will the IAP205's in the hangar and I expect them to join the cluster with the rest of the AP's in HQ and hangar.


3. Strange enough, when I stand close to the AP277 on the building, I can see all SSID's being broadcasted. The doesn't seem very safe, that ALL SSID's are broadcasted over a 200m distance. There's a parking lot in between (10m lower, ground level), and I can see all SSID's there as well. Is this normal behavior?


4. Scenario: The power cuts in Hangar. Power is back, AP's boot but because the 277 will detect traffic on his Eth1 and there are two IAP205's that are booting, will it make wireless connection with HQ or will it connect to the 205's in the hangar and make a separate cluster (with same ID because they have the same config as in HQ)?


I hope this is clear... otherwise, please tell me how to make this more clear :)


Hope someone can help me.





Re: IAP277 connecting two buildings - questions

So the most important thing here, is that with Instant mesh, it does not support the deployment where you bridge two networks on the same L2 for a single IAP cluster. So you would need one building to be on it's own L2/VLAN network and it would be it's own IAP cluster, the mesh would be it's own IAP cluster, and the cluster in the other building would be on a separate L2 network/VLAN and would be it's own cluster (you might be able to add the mesh to one of the building's clusters, but no matter what, the other IAP cluster would need to be in a different VLAN/network than the main building's cluster. 


With a controller, this is not an issue, but for IAP, you must separate the two buildings in to their own IAP clusters on different networks. 


Jerrod Howard
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Re: IAP277 connecting two buildings - questions

Thanks for the information, Jerrod! It took a while for me to continue this, but now I'm a big step further, however I still have some issues. Attached an updated drawing. I made a new VLAN (99) for the two AP277's, they receive an IP address through DHCP relay, they one on the Hangar connects through wireless mesh without problems.


Now I would like to use VLAN 1 again in the hangar so my AP's are added to the VC in HQ. The problem is a connected client on Eth1 of AP277-02 gets an I address in VLAN 99. If I change the wired settings for Eth1 to Native VLAN 1, allowed all or Native VLAN 99, allowed all, connect it to the switch in Hanger (UT: 1, T:20,99) I still get an IP address in VLAN 99.


Any idea on how I can bridge all VLAN's?

Kind regards!

Re: IAP277 connecting two buildings - questions

What is the Ethernet 1 config on the IAP in the hangar (AP277-02), you can PM me the config if possible, that will help. 

Jerrod Howard
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Re: IAP277 connecting two buildings - questions

Hi Jerrod, thanks for reaching out. I sent you the info via PM, have you had the time to look at them?


Thanks a lot!

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