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Re: Instant OS and the PMK cache

Lain Robertson wrote:

"show auth-survivability debug-log" seemed to offer some insight, but the log cleared in between commands.


Is there a way to get the log to persist for a while? How does it decide (or where is it configured) when to clear like that?


In any case, I can stare at what I still have on the screen while I wait for more meaningful events to re-populate. With that in mind though, what does the following sample line mean? What is "asap"? A process on the controller or something like that?


Wed Jan 10 14:15:47  handle_asap_mesasge:4214  radiusd(pid 6291) received from asap with MAC xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx



Auth survivability requires ClearPass because it sends back an Aruba VSA to make it work.  Auth survivability are not the droids you are looking for:

Screenshot 2018-01-10 at 05.48.31.png

Like Herman Robers says above, Reauthentication Interval is what forces reauthentication, but it functions different depending on if you are using 802.1x or Captive Portal.

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