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Instant configuration file - leading space anomaly

Hello all,

I found an issue on Instant :

context : I want to automate the initial config of the first AP as virtual controler.

I configured one, and then I reuse the extracted config file as a base cfg for other VCs on other sites.

I wanted to add a piece of config (new ssid-profile) so I edited a base config file and loaded it to a test bed. But in the process I inserted a leading space before "wlan ssid-profile...". This seems to generate unwanted results.

I corrected the file (suppressed leading space) and reloaded : everything is OK.

I'm wondering whether this parsing "sensitivity" is an anomaly or a normal behavior.

Best regards


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Re: Instant configuration file - leading space anomaly

I will say that there is no supported method for editing a configuration of instant by hand and loading it onto a cluster.  With that being said, spaces do matter in a configuration in this, but I am sure there are tons more gotchas about importing configurations that are no documented, because it is not directly supported.


The best way to load an initial configuration onto a cluster is to use Airwave:


Please contact your Aruba Sales person if you want a 90-day evaluation of Airwave to see how it would fit into your plans.

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Re: Instant configuration file - leading space anomaly

Hello Colin

Well, "Airwave" means additionnal $$ to spend...just to push a 99% identical config on various clusters.

Anyway, I mitigated the anomaly with strict conformance to syntax...


Thanks for your help, and have a nice week-end.

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