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Mesh Portal and Point (point-to-point)



I'd like to know IAP 270 series to run mesh portal and point, as described at


1. Do I need to use external controller/additional license to run mesh portal and point? or the current IAP OS can handle. 

2. Between offices with point-to-point, around 300meters, line of sight with IAP 270 series, any suggestion for choosing antenna?



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Re: Mesh Portal and Point (point-to-point)

1.  No licenses.  The IAPs do not require them.


2.   Please see the ordering guide here:  The 5314 is a candidate on the face of it because it is a high gain sector.


You should engage an experienced consultant to find out what is the correct antenna and to understand if your physical setup is a candidate for mesh at that distance.  More information can be found in the VRD here:.

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