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Multi-site deployment with InstantOS and Airwave

Hello guys,

Currently, i'm doing a survey on WI-FI controllers. I am fairly new to the concept of AP controller and i am afraid that i could have misunderstood Airwave's purpose.


The thing is that i would like to be able to deploy ,manage and provision APs in multiple offices (70), located all around the globe, and have a unique control panel in my Headquarter.


Cisco has a feature called "Flexconnect" which does the trick. As far as I know if i want a similar feature for aruba products I need to use airwave.


So i'm wondering if I set up an instantOS cluster (composed of 2 or 3 AP315) in each office and then set up the airwave appliance in my headquarter, would i be able to achieve what i want ? Or do i need another device/feature/controller ?


Moreover, is this solution efficient ? Is there any other way to achieve what i want ?


Ps: I don't want to use cloud based controller like Aruba Central.


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Re: Multi-site deployment with InstantOS and Airwave

The short answer is yes...

You can configure, upgrade, manage and monitor instant clusters across your whole company with Airwave.
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