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Provisioned cluster wiped off

Hi everyone,


Customer has estate consisting of clusters Monitored/Managed by Airwave (standard state is Monitor+Firmware Upgrade, while any new clusters are configured by Templates).


Can someone please tell me under what circumstances can this happen:


  1. First IAP-215 configured successfully by implementing Template
  2. After powering up all the others, cluster got wiped off





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Re: Provisioned cluster wiped off


Airwave will remove the complete configuraiton if we fail to manage the devices properly.


If you are using template mode and adding devices in montior only mode then airwave wont delete the configuration.


If you are adding the devices in manage mode to Airwave group and if there is any default template present that configuraiton will get piushed to IAPs.


In instant config mode, even if you add devices in montior only mode the Airwave will start managing the devices, since in this mode it uses https to push the configuraiton. Moving IAP cluster to a instant enabled group where only default configuraiton present, Airwave will push this template configuration.


Airwave will wipe the cluster configuration , if you are trying to change the policy version in instant config, if firmware version is in 4.2 and trying to apply lower policy version , configuration will get deleted.




If my post address your query, give kudos:)

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Re: Provisioned cluster wiped off

Hi Pavan,


Thanks on the explanation. After provisioning VC I have moved cluster into Monitor mode, and am adding one AP at the time (just to be on the safe side). Will update soon.





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