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Question concerning the Admin WebGUI and the revoked Arube Cert

 SO how does this revoked default Aruba certificate effect the Admin Web GUI security?  Not sure if I need to do anything about the Admin WebGUI as we use the internal authentication option, but I do have the unsecured icon do to the cert revocation.  I did upload a new CA cert type but I don't know that it is correct, the only format we could get it to accept CAcert.pem file in was:


Private key

2nd Intermediate CA

1st Intermediate CA

(In that order)


I tried the suggestion in The FAQ in the post about this revocation but it kept giving an invalid format for everything except what I did above. 

I even tried what the TAC sent me for an order but their order did not pass muster either.   I assume part of my unsecured icon on the admin WebGUI has to do with the actually "Certificate Type CA" not being correct even though it was accepted. 


Should I be concerned? 


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Re: Question concerning the Admin WebGUI and the revoked Arube Cert

The admin UI should already be using a self-signed certificate so you shouldn't need to do anything (unless you want a trusted cert for it).

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