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RF Survey - Heatmaps

Hi all,


I'm exploring the RF survey feature of Airwave and I just exported a few floor plans to se how it goes, so far so good.


When I tried to toogle the heatmap to check how the signal was I found that everything was red, but the signal is actually very great in this floor, should be all green!


Untitled picture.png

I'm pretty sure it's about the sizing, I used the measure toll to draw a line and measured a door width, which is 0.8m. So the size is correct, I'm just not sure about the gridsize, I left it at the default 0.6mx0.6m and I think this is the problem, how can I find out the correct gridsize?

Untitled picturee.png

Any help would be much appreciated!


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Re: RF Survey - Heatmaps

I would go to Google Earth and get the real length of the building and input that.  Measuring a door leaves a great deal of room for error.

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Re: RF Survey - Heatmaps

well, well, well... I'm used to Green = good and Red = bad, but actually in Airwave red means good and green means bad (wtf?) ...


So, my heatmap is correct, I just had to correct the ceilling height, which was at 10m (default), I changed to 3m and got an even better heatmap. But the red/green thing surely confused me!

Re: RF Survey - Heatmaps

Think red=hot, warm/cool = yellow/green

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