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Syslog of 4 IAP (virtual controller)

Hello guys. 


I have recently installed 4 x Aruba 205 IAP's, and we have to log about the data, users how connected and so on.


Is it possible to monitor/syslog, which user/IP/MAC uses traffic from and so on? 


Best regards


Re: Syslog of 4 IAP (virtual controller)

You could do this with Airwave but this kind of thing is often handled by a firewall.


I don't believe the IAP syslogging will provide details of clients browsing to facebook.





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Re: Syslog of 4 IAP (virtual controller)

I've had some luck getting traffic data (IP to IP and port) by turining on logging for the allow-rules on the security roles associated to SSIDs, but you won't get URL or DNS request data, just the connection.


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