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Wired Chromecast Not Showing Up on Wireless Clients

I have a number of Chromecasts and AppleTVs configured on my network. All are directly wired in to Ethernet and are on a separate VLAN from my wireless clients (discovery packets are being repeated across VLANs). AppleTVs are being seen by clients but the discovery for Chromecast does not work. If I plug a laptop into a wired Ethernet jack (on different VLAN than Chromecast still), the laptop will see the Chromecast and stream to it.


Any ideas on what to try? I've disabled the Broadcast Filtering on the appropriate SSID and also enabled Bonjour, etc on the Services page. Still nothing.



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Re: Wired Chromecast Not Showing Up on Wireless Clients

Type "show airgroup servers" on the commandline to see if the controller can see those devices, first.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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