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hidden ssid and iPod touch IOS 8.0.2 problems

Hi community,


we have about 10 ipod touch model md717fd/a with ios 8.0.2(12a405) on it.

We deployed about 30 IAP103 in a cluster.

We have a hidden ssid with wpa2, we can connect the ipods to the ssid and all works,

but the ipod do not reconnect to the network. The wifi profile is on the ipods but they can not

reconnect to the ssid.

I don´t want to discuss about hidden ssids (our costumer want it, not for security...), fact is, it does not work correct with the ipods...


I´ve no ipod to test it at home but ipad and iphone works fine with apple time capsule and hidden ssid at home...


Have anybody an idea how we can fix the problem?



Re: hidden ssid and iPod touch IOS 8.0.2 problems

Hi Leon,


It's not just you. I've had a lot harder time with my iPhone running 8.0.2 when connecting to wireless networks. The thing that usually gets me is going from a WPA2-Enterprise network to a home-based WPA2-PSK network. I have to reboot the phone to get it to work - neither network is hidden.


Question for you. Have you tried the same configuration with an SSID that is broadcasting and not hidden? What are you looking to accomplish with the hidden SSID?





Re: hidden ssid and iPod touch IOS 8.0.2 problems

Unfortunately hiding an ssid can cause issues for different clients. 


The only thing you can be certain of is that if you don't hide it, you won't have problems......iOS 8 issues excepted.

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Re: hidden ssid and iPod touch IOS 8.0.2 problems

the problem is solved, it was an IOS 8 problem with the ios auto deployment software, it doesn´t add the wifi profile right...


Thanks for your help.

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