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instant functionality without uplink

Hi All,


Referring to Page 10 of below link


its mentioned that if IAP reboot time (due to an uplink failure) is more than 5 minutes, the IAP boots again except it is in standalone mode.


So is that the reason why IAP doesnt broadcast any SSID when there is no uplink ?


Also, while searching for an answer on airheads, i have seen expert recommending to enable (or uncheck) disable SSID on uplink failure (even if IAP is not in standalone mode). So i think there is some confusion regarding this functionality, some think it should work while other think it wont work but i dont see any official aruba response on this ? why is that the case ? cant we reach out to aruba instant implementers and ask them this thing ??? :)

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Re: instant functionality without uplink

Looks like you're an Aruba employee. You should ask those types of questions internally. ;)


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Re: instant functionality without uplink

Its OK. HPE emplyee new to Aruba products. Ask away here. :-)

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