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plink ssh tool onto an iAP VC+



I am trying to run plink, the ssh command line utility from the putty set, to login to an iAP VC and execute some commands. I have got all the login part working but can't get any of the commands to execute, let alone the pipe to an output file.


plink USERNAME@IPADDRESS -pw PASSWORD  < help.txt >> output.txt


I've followed a lot of online examples but always get an error 137. Looks like the iAP is refusing the passing of the commands?


Any help appreciated.







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Re: plink ssh tool onto an iAP VC+



The commandline is interactive and would requre a tool like expect to script most interactions.  Plink is good for connecting to a device, but it is not good for scripting in an interactive session (


You would probably want to use TCL/Expect:


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