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HPE VXLAN configuration between 12900 and 5400R

Virtual eXtensible LAN (VXLAN) is a MAC-in-UDP technology that provides Layer 2 connectivity between distant network sites across an IP network. VXLAN is typically used in data centers for multitenant services.

This Technical Configuration Guide describes the Layer 2 forwarding processes. It describes how to configure a VXLAN tunnel between an HPE FlexFabric 12900 and an HPE 5406R that support VXLAN feature. Please note that Only FC, FE, and FX cards support VXLANs.




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Re: HPE VXLAN configuration between 12900 and 5400R

Hello, is it possible to recover (or fix) the URL [*] of the cited VxLAN Technical Configuration Guide provided above?


It doesn't work actually.


At best I was able to reach this Aruba Solution Exchange KB page where that PDF is also cited but not attached.


[*] Actually it gives me a 401 Unauthorized even if I am signed in AirHeads Community:

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