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Externe Antenne für iAP inside

Hi liebe Community,


das ist meine erste Anfrage, also vergebt mir mögliche Fehler oder fehlende Angaben.


Ich will einen iAP in unserem Gebäude anbringen und an diesem eine externe Antenne für den Außenbereich anbringen.

Als Antenne würde ich gern folgende nehmen:


ANT-3x3-D608 Dual Band 60x60deg 8dBi +/- 45 and Vert Pol MIMO N-Type Antenna (JW035A)


Kann man die angebene Antenne nur an der 270er Serie anbringen?

Oder gibt es einen iAP der über den richtigen Anschluss verfügt?


Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe :)

Re: Externe Antenne für iAP inside

Please excuse me for responding in English.


Few comments:

1) In most cases it is better to use outdoor (I)APs than an indoor AP with outdoor antenna. With the mounting of antennas a lot can go wrong, for example if the connectors are not properly fitted you can have signal loss or even disabled antenna elements. The outdoor APs 275/277/375/377 are single unit APs and just need UTP with Power over Ethernet which appears to be more reliable and easier to install correctly.

2) There are basically two relevant connector types: N-connector and RP-SMA. N-connectors are bigger and used outdoor mostly, RP-SMA are the smaller ones and used indoor. Aruba Indoor APs that fit external antennas all have RP-SMA; the outdoor APs for external antennas all have N-connector.

3) There is an excellent Antenna Matrix available from the Aruba website: From that document, you can see that if you need a 60x60 degrees antenna for indoor APs, the AP-ANT-38 is the RP-SMA equivalent for the D608 outdoor N-connector antenna; or the AP-ANT-48 if you need a 4x4 antenna for AP3xx series.

4) If you have an AP selected already, you can get from the Aruba website the so-called Ordering Guide (here you can get the one for the AP-334). The Ordering Guide shows you all 'compatible' accessories, like antennas.


Hope this helps to clarify your antenna selection question.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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